Chip Hawkes

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Memory Lane

Take a walk down "Memory Lane" & share your favorite story of meeting Chip or seeing him in concert.

Email your story & a photo (if you wish) to me at

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Thought I would get the ball rolling with the first story.  I have grown up loving 60's music.  When I was about 5 years old, my mom would play a certain song on repeat on her stereo...  Silence Is Golden by The Tremeloes.  That song has always touched me deeply even at a young age & it is the first song I have a real memory of.  I did not know the individual band member's names, but I knew that voice!  
Fast forward 39 years... I am in Germany with a couple friends to see two concerts.  The first night, the always youthful looking Chip Hawkes walks on stage and sings Silence Is Golden.  I was stunned standing right in front of him at the foot of the stage. That was THE VOICE!  My jaw dropped & he had a giggle at my reaction.  A bunch of us got to hang out in the hotel's beer garden where we chatted & took some photos.  It was a great trip with 2 fabulous shows featuring Chip!  To this day I travel to see Chip's shows as often as possible.  Silence Is Golden will always be a special song to me - though I love all his music!  It is an honour to be building & running his website! 

Met Chip but only to say a few words lots of times... l was thrilled when Chip Brian and Dave toured with Vanity Fare and my photo was in the programme .. Jack arranged it... Richard sold me the programme... said look at it then take it back to him and he’d get it signed.. saw my photo... thrilled. Last saw Chip at High Wycombe at the Solid Silver Show with Dave and Rick... quick chat and photo.. .l always ask.. Also saw him.. solo... at The Adelphi.. quick chat with him and Richard and photo.. that was 5 ? years ago..


Years ago, Chip was in Tennessee doing a few shows. I owned a small investment firm and wanted to host a client appreciation event. I booked Len and a local band backed him up. A friend of mine was invited, and he told his mother that Chip Hawkes was playing. She went wild. She was a fan from her college days. She came to the event and loved it. It was a very good show.